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Connect is a monthly business magazine focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. We commit to provide cutting-edge design and editorial, and to keep our content timely, useful, and valuable. Because of this, Connect Magazine attracts an audience of high-income readers in business decision-maker positions.

In the back of each monthly issue we provide a Directory Contact Database called the “connectory”. This database includes a list of companies along with contact information, divided up into categories. Companies may list under one, two or three categories. This database is also viewable online to our readers in an easy to search/browse format. The online version allows space for both a summary and expanded description of your company and services.

For instance you can find janitorial supply products such as air fresheners for odor control, bags / trash tags, floor and carpet care, mops, brooms, brushes and dusters, skin care lotions and hand soaps, toilet paper, trash cans, multifold paper towels for dispensers and other paper products, as well as green cleaning products for your facility/ business maintenance needs. Sure, you can do a search online and order from an e-commerce site, but our monthly magazine is often requested by state and local municipalities, along with both large and small businesses.

We have had several inquiries from US slots casino affiliate websites asking if they could be listed in the Directory Contact Database. Initially they stirred up a heated discussion as to whether gambling sites are appropriate. Obviously there are a number of us who do enjoy the thrill of gambling. And a number of us utilize online casino websites. The question is would our audience of high-income readers in business decision-maker positions consider such a listing be offensive or timely. It was pointed out that the casino market place, including their online websites that cater to this e-commerce marketplace, is large and worthy. This should have been a no brainer discussion since Utah does have several land based casinos and that state is right next door to Nevada. FYI: Such ads will be listed under Entertainment as well as Hospitality.

Circulation Information:

Total Readers: 60,000
Average of 4 pass along per copy
Subscriptions: 14,500
Copies to waiting rooms and reception areas: 1,000
Newsstand: 500

Geographic Distribution
Utah: 96%
Other States: 4%

Reader Demographics:

Senior Level Management
Readers in senior positions: 97%

Company Size
Small business (1-49 Employees): 59%
Medium business (50-499 Employees): 18%
Large business (500+ Employees): 23%

Average reader income: $130,000
Readers making over $76,000: 40%
Readers making over $100,000: 30%

Readers with at least a Bachelors Degree: 96%
Readers with at least a Masters Degree: 54%

Average reader age: 41
Readers between age 26-45: 63%

Male: 86%
Female: 14%

Advertising Rates:

Direct all advertising questions to [email protected]

Rates listed are net rates. Please contact your Connect account executive for agency rates as applicable.

Ad Size 1x Rates 3x Rates 6x Rates 12x Rates
Full Page $2,450 $2,250 $2,050 $1,550
2/3 Page (vertical) $2,150 $1,950 $1,750 $1,250
1/2 Page (horizontal) $1,450 $1,350 $1,250 $950
1/3 Page (vertical) $1,050 $1,000 $950 $800
1/3 Page (horizontal) $850 $800 $750 $600
Full page spread $4,250 $3,950 $3,650 $2,750
Half page spread $3,250 $2,950 $2,650 $1,750

All ads are 4 color ads. Premium placement ads such as Inside Front Cover, Pages 3, 4, 5, 7 and the Inside Back Cover are sold at a 10% premium over the rates listed above. See Ad Specs for more information on sizes.

Connect Print Directory (connectory) Listing:

Length 1st Listing 2nd Listing 3rd Listing
One Year $550 $250 $250

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We are always available & we look forward to hearing from you. If you have some feedback for us or just a comment about the job we are doing please reach out to us. We are always happy to hear from our readers & will try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you are interested in learning more about ad sign up please send us your contact information as well as the best time to reach you. We will certainly reach out to you in a timely fashion. Thank you once again & we look forward to a bright future together.

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