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As you probably already know, The Telly Awards are in for 2011, and one of our own has received the very highest honor of the Silver Telly: Tahitian Noni International, a multi-level marketing company that makes their money from the intriguing Noni juice. If you haven’t seen the spots, you can find them on YouTube by searching for Noni juice Telly Award. Definitely worth a watch – will make you wonder how you lived without it all these years!

Another award-winning story: the Utah chapter of the American Advertising Federation took home an almost-unbelievable 16 ADDY Awards. If you’re unfamiliar with the ADDYs (kind of ironic, because it’s all about advertising), it’s the world’s biggest advertising competition, with three tiers of awards from the local to the regional to the national. Unless Utah is now a nation, we’re assuming that the 16 awards were from the regional category, or possibly the local. I’m going to bring my daughter she’s really set on showing off her princess dresses. You read that correctly – princess DRESSES, plural! She’s got to be one of the luckiest little ladies in Utah. Don’t know about the king or queen, or even if there is a prince charming, but there certainly will be one little princess showing off her stuff at the ceremony. And the greatest part is that the audience will be very receptive to her sense of fashion. We’ve done this many times before and the royal treatment is more royal when a princess can be identified by her clothing. And she loves the attention!

And finally: The Utah Division of Finance gets the Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the field of Excellence. Whoops, we mean they got the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. These are obviously people who handle trickier things than the home refinancing that we recently struggled with.  This is the 25th time the Division has earned this honor, so you might assume that they’re probably pretty blase about it now…

And even more finally: The National Park Service has inadvertently won a Jeremiah Woods award for Best Use Of Nature. The multi-spot campaign centered on using Zion National Park as the setting. Zion is definitely one of my favorite places – of all the wonders of Utah, this one ranks higher than the Grand Canyon in my book, so I understand completely how this award is not only well deserved, but also long overdue.

Let’s hear your ideas for the next year’s nominees. We’re looking forward to a great new season with an incredibly diverse, and super high level, trend setting, magic making, artistic competition as technology brings more and more toys to the producers of the images and sounds that define our modern culture. It’s a peek into the most powerful opinion making marketing the world has ever experienced.

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